Welcome to my website.  I'm a drummer and recording engineer/producer based in Nashville, TN.  This site will show you some of the other artists and bands I've worked with over the years.  I am available for both live and studio work, either at my home in Nashville, TN or I can come to where you are!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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(D=Drums; E=Engineered; P=Produced; M=Mixed)


Aaron Keyes (toured 2007-2010)
Aaron Shust
All The Bright Lights (member)
Brett Younker
Casey Darnell
Chris Tomlin
Christy Nockels (toured)
Chris McClarney (toured)
Conan (TBS)
Darlene Zschech
Dustin Smith
Eddie Kirkland
Elevation Worship
Jason Upton
Jesus Culture (toured)
Jillian Jacqueline (toured 2018-present)
Johnnyswim (toured 2014-2018)
John Mark McMillan
Josh Baldwin
Kari Jobe (toured)
Kim Walker-Smith
Kristian Stanfill
LZ7 (toured)
Martin Smith (toured)
Matt Maher (toured)
Matt Redman (toured 2009-2017)
Molly Williams
Rita Springer
Seth Condrey
Seth Meyers (NBC)
Steven Curtis Chapman
The Today Show (NBC)


Recording Sessions

I'd love to offer you my services as a drummer or recording engineer.  I can record custom drum tracks for your project at my studio in Nashville, TN.  If you desire additional engineering, production, or mixing, please contact me and let me know what your goals are!  For a full list of projects I've worked on take a look at my credits.  

Recording options include:

Remote Drum Sessions

  • I engineer and play drums on your song(s)
  • Multi-track drum performance with option for one revision
  • I'll email a link for you to download all files
  • Priced per song or day rate, depending on the size of the project

What I'll need from you:

  • Tempo of song and Song Map
  • Any ideas or direction you already have in mind
  • Sample rate/bit depth of your session.
  • Scratch or pre-production tracks 

Additional Engineering:

  • Book a session to record instruments and/or vocals at my studio
  • Bring a hard drive to collect files or I'll email a download link
  • Priced as day rate

On All Sessions:

  • Drum Comping/Editing/Time Align Included
  • Vocal Comping/Editing/Tuning Included
  • Lite EQ will be applied going to disk
  • Additional dynamics processing is optional

Drum Kits

C&C Walnut/Maple/Poplar/Maple/Walnut
 - 1ply Maple Reinforcement Rings
 - Maple Counter hoops
 - 13.25x24, 16x18, 16x16, 9x13

C&C Maple/Gum
  - Maple Counter hoop on floor tom, single flange hoops on rack toms
 - 14x20, 14x14, 8x12, 7x10


Other Drums

C&C 6.5x14 Maple/Poplar/Maple
C&C 6.5x14 7 Ply Maple Snare with Maple Counter Hoops
Q Drum Co. 7x14 Gentlemen Series Aluminum
Ludwig Acrolite 5x14 (1966)
Pearl Brass Sensiton 6.5x14 (1990’s)
Zim-Gar 5x14 Mahogany
WFL 10x28 Bass Drum (1950’s)

Zildjian Cymbals

24" K Constantinople Light Ride
23" K Custom Special Dry Ride
22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride
22" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride w/3 rivets
22" Kerope China Prototype
22" K Custom Special Dry Crash
21" K Custom Special Dry Ride
20" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride
20" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride
20" K Constantinople Bounce Ride
20" Oriental Crash of Doom
20" K EFX Crash
18" K Constantinople Crash
17" K Constantinople Crash
17" K Constantinople Suspended Cymbal
16" K Custom Special Dry Crash
16" K Constantinople Crash
15" K Light Hi Hat Top
15" Kerope Hi Hat Top
14" K Constantinople Hi Hat Top
14" K Constantinople Hi Hat Bottom
10" FX Spiral Stacker
10" Trashformer

Recording Equipment

Pro Tools 12 HD
Ableton Live 9 Suite
20 Channel D&R Series 2000 Console
CAPI  Heider FD312 WHR4 x2
Yamaha PM1000 x2
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
AKG D112
AKG C430 x3
Ampex 1101
Beyerdynamic M160 x2
Cascade FatHeads x2
MXL V63m x2
Peluso CEMC-6 x2 - Cardioid & Omni Capsules
Sennheiser e604 x3
Shure 545 S Unidyne III
Shure Beta 52A
Shure SM57 x3
Shure SM7b
8"  JBL woofer (sub kick)